How to Look Rich and Classy on a Budget

How to look Rich on a Budget


You have heard it countless times, haven’t you? That you are addressed the way you are dressed, and whether you believe it or not, people will more often than not, judge a book by its cover, so, needless to say; you must pay attention to the details of your appearance.



Looking good is good business. There are tons of opportunities your appearance would bring your way, and there are tons of relationships and opportunities your appearance could deny you. Nothing is inspiring and exciting about a person who looks unkempt and tardy all the time. When you look clean and classy, people are more likely to respect you and be more likely to listen to what you have to say.



I learned this quite early in the course of my journey and i am committed to looking approachable regardless of whatever challenges or struggles I am navigating through. It’s easy to learn how to look rich and classy on a budget. Honestly, it’s possible to look rich and classy on a budget. You don’t need to break the bank to achieve this. There are simple hacks that you can apply to look like a million bucks. Here are a few tips.



How to look rich and classy on a budget. How to look rich

1. Take grooming seriously

They say little things go a long way, and grooming is one of them. Do you know that a nice shave or a simple haircut can take your look from zero to two hundred, and if you are a lady, a simple hairdo can take your look from tacky to classy? Whether you’re a lady or guy, do well to pay attention to grooming. Take care of your hair, always ensure it’s neat and well put together. Groom your beards, eyebrows, and facial hairs, take care of your teeth and keep your nails clean.



2. Mind your colours

some colour combinations are a disaster and don’t help your looks at all. when you’re on a budget, and you still want to look rich and classy it’s safer to stick to neutral colours like black, white, grey, and cream. Neutral colours have a way of making you look rich and classy. When on a budget and not sure which way to go, go neutral.



3. Always moisturize

Moisturizing is so important, and It cannot be overemphasized. Although there are tons of expensive moisturizers in the world today, thankfully there are very cheap and affordable ways to retain your skin’s glow. Drinking healthy doses of water helps your skin and lips stay hydrated and moisturized. Eating simple fruits like carrots, pawpaw, and cucumber also helps your skin retain its moisture. You could also go the extra mile with coconut oil or carrot oil, there are tons of affordable options. Whatever you do ensure you stay hydrated and your skin and lips stay moisturized.



4. Pay attention to your lips.

Rich people pay attention to details, and something as seemingly insignificant as a dry lip can ruin your whole appearance. Nothing is more distracting than having a conversation with someone whose lips are dry and cracked up. Always take a lip moisturizer with you wherever you go, so you can do a touch-up where needed.



5. Use a cologne

How you smell may not be visible to the human eyes, but it matters. How you smell can either attract people to you or make them avoid you. How you smell goes beyond looking rich to making you generally appealing and presentable to anyone who comes around you. You have no excuse to smell stale or bad. Rich people always smell nice, so if you want to come off as rich even though on a budget, smell nice.



6. Clean your teeth

What’s worse than a morsel of meat stuck in between your teeth? I am not sure I know what’s worse. Your teeth are such an important part of your appearance, pay attention to them. Not everyone can afford to get a tooth cleaning or whitening service for their teeth but if you brush your teeth regularly and ensure your breath smells fresh, that suffices.



7. Exfoliate regularly

In the grand scheme of things, your skin matters a great deal in your appearance. If your skin looks unhealthy, wizened, and dry you could not possibly look rich and classy. One good way to take care of your skin is to exfoliate regularly. This helps to smoothen your rough edges and remove dead skin from your body. This leaves you looking rich and classy. There are tons of homemade options out there, find out which one works for you.



8. Accessorize

If you have been asking about how to look wealthy, well here’s your answer. In addition to all of the other things we have talked about, accessories can take a look from simple to chic. Endeavour to wear an accessory, make sure to keep it simple and neat. Also, ensure that the accessory fits the outfit. Your accessory could be a bracelet, a simple wristwatch, a scarf, a handbag, or even a ring.



9. Wear well-fitted clothes.

If your clothes are not a good fit for your body, either because they are too big or too small, it could ruin your appearance. Loosely fitted clothes and clothes that are too tight, don’t flatter your body. Whatever happens, always ensure that your clothes are tailored well. Avoid wearing oversized outfits and never be caught wearing any dress you’ve outgrown.



10. Take a book with you.

Most successful people are readers. So, part of how you can look rich is by developing a reading culture. Reading improves your communication and your vocabulary; it broadens your horizon and scope of knowledge. People who read have a lot of information about people, things, and places. They are great communicators as well.




11. Always wear clean clothes

We get that you are busy and may not have all the time in the world to always do your laundry. However, if you want to look rich endeavour to always wear clothes that are clean and tidy, no matter how tight your schedule is always dedicate some time and effort to doing your laundry, ensure that you don’t wear clothes with stains, or tears.



How to look wealthy and classy on a budget How to look rich

12. Pay attention to your shoes

They say the first thing people notice about you is your shoes, so pay attention to your shoes. Wear clean and nice shoes. You don’t need to break the bank to have good shoes, and if you don’t have the money to buy new shoes ensure that you keep the ones you have, clean and well-polished.



13. Choose quality over quantity

Focus more on the quality of your outfits Rather than on the quantity of them. It’s better to have fewer items that are durable and of good quality than to spend the little you have amassing a bunch of poor-quality clothes.



14. Learn basic etiquette

Looking rich goes beyond how you look, it goes as far as how you carry yourself around people and everywhere you go. This includes how you talk, and how you walk and eat. There are tons of great information on basic human etiquette, do well to educate yourself on these.




15. Always wear a smile

A smile is such a great compliment to your looks. People that smile often appear more appealing and attractive. Never forget to wear one whenever you are interacting with people. Rich people always wear a smile when interacting with others. It makes you more approachable and makes people feel comfortable around you, most importantly, It’s the civil thing to do.




16. Attend important events

Rich people invest a lot of time and energy into networking, and one of the best ways to meet successful people is by attending important functions like workshops and seminars. This is a good way to improve your network and relationships. You know what they say, your network is your net worth.




17. Don’t talk too much

When it comes to conversations Knowing when to speak up and when to be quiet is very important. If you come off as a talkative person, people would find ways to avoid talking to you and being around you. Also, be mindful of the kind of topics you engage in, some topics are not worth your time and attention, and some topics only lead to fights and arguments.




18. Pay attention to details

Most successful people have mastered the art of paying attention to details, they are not careless. So if you’re wondering about how to look wealthy, learn to pay attention to details. These include details about your appearance, your environment, and the people who you come in contact with.



19. Invest in yourself

Of all the investments you make the most important is the one you do to upgrade yourself. Wealthy people are in a constant learning process. With the advent of the internet, it costs absolutely nothing these days to invest in yourself and to upgrade yourself. There are tons of free courses online, take advantage of these to upgrade yourself and acquire more skillset. The more you invest in yourself the more value you have and the more worth you have.




20. Be confident

Confidence is such an important factor that you must have if you want to look wealthy. When you walk into a room walk with an air of confidence, make sure your steps are firm. Hold your head up high, and hold your chin up. Confidence makes you more attractive. It shows you know your worth and value.




21. Talk rich

Mind your language. There are certain terms and languages that you ought to avoid using. When speaking ensure that your words are polite and courteous. Avoid cursing words, don’t say use disrespectful and vulgar words when talking to people. Whether you’re talking to friends or strangers, always be polite.




22. Acquire knowledge

Knowledge they say is power and we can all agree that rich people have a lot of it. They stay in the know of things, they are never oblivious of what is going on in the world. If you want to look classy and wealthy, then stay updated with current affairs and happenings in and around you. This one sure way to look rich, wealthy and classy.



























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