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Rugs are Amazing-Bring one Home!

Rugs have been considered treasures for centuries and for a good reason. A good rug always has a story to tell – whether in its patterns or in the way it was manufactured. When you invest in a rug, you are adding some class and sophistication to your home.

A rug also provides a comfortable place to relax – an enduring piece of human design that is instantly connected with warmth and hospitality.

You don’t need to head off into the old world frontiers to get this piece of timeless home décor. Sellers like Samad Rugs have been sourcing the best rugs from all over the world – presenting enthusiasts and newcomers a full range of classic and modern options.

Add Style To Your Living Space

There are many ways you can determine what rug to choose. Do you have a favorite piece of furniture around which you pivot the rest of your décor? Choose a rug that compliments the tone or shape of said furniture.

Textures are an important addition that a rug brings into your home. Modern décor is usually crisp, smooth, and sleek. Contrast that with some warm fuzzy designs straight out of a silk route caravan – a conversation starter if there ever was one.

What Kind Of Designs Can I Choose From?

Geometric patterns are the base of many Oriental rugs – influenced by Islamic design that can be seen in the beautiful buildings of Central Asia and Persia. Rugs sourced from these parts of the world are considered premium – they are sturdy, soft, and made for the harshest weather conditions.

You can also enjoy mosaics that are more classic-European influenced – subtle tones of beige and cream with delicate patterns. Rugs need not be a history lesson. You can opt for bold colors and modular patterns – reflecting the vibes of a modern open-spaced household.

There is a basic rule of thumb when choosing a design. Take a look at the rest of your room – your furniture (present and planned), the colors of your walls, and the purpose of the place (is it a family area, work space, meeting room).

For the most striking visuals, you can contrast the rug with the surrounding materials, or you can extend the tone of the room by choosing a matching color or complementing the pattern.

How Do I Place My New Rug?

Flooring is the most obvious choice for a rug. Buy a piece that is large enough to be kept under the furniture. You can also opt for the wall art look by hanging your rug on the wall. In the latter case, it is advisable that you choose a unique and expensive rug that deserves to be elevated to art status.

Apart from periodical clean-ups, the best way to maintain rugs is to take precautions around the space that it is placed. Make the rug area a no-beverage zone – many rugs can be permanently stained by something as innocuous as coffee or tomato juice. Depending on the places they have been shoes also bring in a lot of dust and allergens – keep them away from your rugs.

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