12 Ideal Boss Traits You Must Have In order To Lead Effectively!

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“On the journey to the top, your character would either be a stepping stone or a stumbling block”

Do you often wonder what it really takes to be a great leader? or wish to know what is really going on inside the minds of successful leaders?

Sadly, the technology for reading minds doesn’t yet exist.
However, after talking to and working with a few people who I consider ideal bosses and great leaders, I have discovered 12 common “ideal boss” traits, that you need to have in order to be a formidable leader, and an ideal boss. I have also come to know about some of the tools they use in order to lead effectively.

Here are some of the traits you must imbibe.


1.COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY: The need for effortless communication in the workplace can never be overemphasized!
Nothing is more harmful to a Company Than a break down in communication, and Every ideal boss knows this. When there is a break down in communication in the workplace, profits are lost, Focus is broken and Important projects are delayed. Thankfully with the Advent of technology there are so many tools available nowadays that enhance communication and promotes efficiency within the workplace. Most companies have come to recognize the need to Foster employee communication and therefore spend a lot of money on building custom solutions to tackle the problem. Blink internal communications app is an internal communications tool that is more than just a company intranet. It can be the backbone of an internal communication strategy that reaches employees in the field and in the office.
With Blink, you can publish updates and schedules, employees can find what they need more easily across platforms, and everyone in your organization can work collaboratively regardless of where they are – all through a single portal.
This app is super handy, it is one of the best tools every leader needs to use in order to promote and enhance seamless internal communication within the workplace. 

success demands a positive attitude, being difficult, constantly complaining, nay-saying, gossiping, and generally being a grumpy and a negative person is not going to be tolerated for long, regardless of the skills you have, life responds to how you behave. Even when you are surrounded by negativity, you must endeavor to stay positive.

All the hard work, all the sleepless nights, all the sacrifices, struggles and efforts will pay off. Never give up, keep at it, do not be tempted to take short cuts or circumvent rules. Give your absolute best at all times. Hard work is probably the most essential ideal boss trait to imbibe.

“Problems require solutions not endurance”
Simply identifying a problem without offering any kind of assistance or solution, is not good enough. You need to always identity a problem with a view to proffering a solution. If you don’t have the expertise to address the problem, talk to someone who does.

“If you do not want criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing”
whoever you are and whatever it is you do, not everyone is going to agree with you, don’t take it personal.
Constructive criticism is how we all learn to grow in our roles, and advance in our careers. Learn from it, do not see it as an attack on your person or progress. People should be able to critique your work and ideas without you feeling attacked or hurt. In cases of negative criticisms, simple brush if off and move on, understand that you can’t please everyone.

“Creativity is not a skill, it is not a talent, it is simply the product of an active mind”
learn to be creative with life, think outside the box, life doesn’t always have to follow a convenient/conventional pattern. In order To go beyond your limitations and set boundaries you need to out-think the competition.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a dissenting opinion, Someone who says yes to every single thing is not only seen as irritating, but also lazy. It takes work, and bravery, to speak up about an idea that’s different. But it also shows you’re thinking.

“If you want to please everyone, go sell ice cream”.
Saying yes is probably the fastest and easiest way to get every one to love you, as no one wants anyone to disagree with them. You have to learn to say NO! to what you do not want or agree with, you should not have to put up with anything you do not want around you or in your life. Learn to say NO! to people, ideas, things, and opinions you disagree with, regardless of who may feel slighted or disappointed.

” If all your opinions and perspectives are informed by sentiment and external influence, you don’t really think you just feel”
Having an independent mind doesn’t mean being controversial or disagreeing with everyone and everything. It simple means being able to think by yourself, make independent assertions, have originality of thought, form opinions based on detailed analysis and understanding of situations, not being swayed by sentiments and bowing to pressure to take the side with the popular opinions.

Nothing inspires loyalty except loyalty. You cannot expect loyalty if you do not show it. If you must inspire loyalty, people around you must see you as someone worth being loyal to. People must know they can count on you to have their back and in turn they would have yours. 

“Without integrity it is impossible to be taken seriously as a leader, or as a person”
Your reputation counts a lot if you must become successful in any endeavor. Everyone loves a person they can depend on, a person who would be sure to keep his/her word, a person who makes a promise and is certain to keep it.

“when you have no destination, every road would seem like the road”
Without goals in life, everything would be random and left to chance. Goals create structure in life, and it is only through proper structure and planning that success can be achieved. Learn to set both short and long-term goals, family goals, business goals, academic goals etc. Recognize and celebrate the achievements of these goals, as it would serve to spur you on to achieve more.

Undoubtedly it takes a lot of hard work, discipline and consistency to be a good leader. sometimes charisma may play a part, but one thing is certain, in order to lead successfully and to maintain it for the long haul, one must be intentional about leadership. imbibe ideal boss traits, work towards it and keep at it no matter the challenges.

Feel free to add to this list in the comment section.


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