Shapewear fashion trends: What's hot in 2024

Shapewear fashion trends: What’s hot in 2024

Shapewear will enhance your figure and smooth out your curves, offering a quick fix. Because of this, it has become essential in many closets, and more and more people are starting to use them to complement their outfits. 

During 2024, we are seeing more and more trends that involve shapewear and this is why we want to share the shapewear trends that are considered hot, and maybe what is also not so hot during this new year. 

What’s hot during 2024

Out of all the trends, one of the first ones we want to mention is eco friendly shapewear. This trend appears as the world is having a growing focus on sustainability. These shapewear pieces are made from materials and fabrics that are either biodegradable or recycled. 

These materials are gaining a lot of popularity and many brands are embracing them, as well as more sustainable practices. All of this is the result of consumers that are becoming more and more environmentally conscious. 

Shapewear fashion trends: What's hot in 2024

Another important trend is inclusive sizing. Is probably one of the key trends during this year. The diverse body types are being embraced and brands are starting to expand their size ranges catering to a bigger spectrum of sizes and shapes. 

This new trend allows everyone to find shapewear that fits them comfortably and flatters their figure. Another one is the designs that are tech-infused. Now, many shapewear pieces, like butt lifting underwear, have innovative features and this is possible thanks to advances in technology. These have led to the development of shapewear pieces with high-tech designs that offer comfort and support. 

Shapewear fashion trends: What's hot in 2024

Shapewear can double as outerwear as it’s quite a versatile trend. Many bodysuits can be worn as tops and sometimes the shaping shorts can be bottoms too. The pieces are multi-functional streamlining any outfit while providing shaping benefits at the same time. 

And finally, the last hot trend is the fashion-forward designs. Now shapewear isn’t just limited to the well-known nude tones, there’s even shapewear for wedding dress. Now we can enjoy them in intricate patterns, bold colors as well as stylish embellishments. All of these, add a fashion-forward flair to the traditional shapewear, allowing you to express your style. 

What’s not so hot this 2024

Something that we don’t want to see this new year are overly restrictive designs, as they’ll make you sacrifice your comfort. Modern consumers are looking for pieces that offer support without feeling constrictive and that allow them to move freely. 

Something that’s being left behind too, is the trend and mentality of one-size-fits-all. This type of shapewear and clothing in general is becoming quite obsolete. This is because the body positivity movement is gaining a lot of momentum and people want shapewear that is tailored to their sizes and body shape, so they can get optimal effectiveness and fit. 

Visible lines are not hot anymore. Now people prefer seamless shapewear designs as they will provide a smoother and sleeker silhouette without any bulges or visible lines. 

Uncomfortable fabrics are also out. Suppose shapewear is made with non-breathable and uncomfortable fabrics. In that case, they are soon being replaced by the ones that are lightweight and breathable, as the last ones offer support without having to sacrifice comfort. If you want to wear your shapewear all day, breathability is key. 

And finally, outdated marketing tactics are saying bye as a trend. Now brands that are relying on marketing tactics that promote unrealistic body standards often face backlash.

Now people and consumers in general are looking for transparency and authenticity from brands and will favor those who celebrate diverse beauty and promote the body positivity movement. 


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