How does working out affect your sexual health

Are you confused about whether you should work out early in the morning or stay in bed with your lover for some fun time? Well, the correct answer is you should do both. Exercise offers tons of benefits — such as building strength, wiping off stress, better sleeping, and an overall feel of wellness. But a benefit that will really motivate you in ramping up your fitness game would be better sex derive! 

Researches states exercising regularly boost your libido & puts the sex drive in a higher gear. Boosting the blood pumping while doing cardio or weight training helps everyone in ripping the benefits. Let’s see how working out affects the bedroom. 

Exercise improves your sex drive

No matter you are a cardio master, diehard runner, committed yogi, or a free-weight warrior, any type of physical activity you do regularly will have positive effects on your sex drive.

If you are leading a sedentary lifestyle & start exercising of any form within weeks you will feel an improvement in your libido.

Three direct reasons for connecting your habits with exercise & sex drive. Firstly, if you do exercise regularly, you will make an overall improvement in your mood. You start feeling confident about your mood, your body image improves and you feel more active.

All of this leads to positivity in bed. Secondly, working out increases the blood flow to your sexual organs both in the short & long term which increases lubrication. Thirdly, exercise is an amazing way of slashing stress.

For the Men

It has been suggested that weight loss boosts the production of testosterone which improves the sex drive in middle-aged men. Therefore, this can be a useful fact to know if you have been diagnosed with low testosterone at a specialised practice like this TRT Clinic Corona. Working out up to 2.5 hours per week helps in boosting the testosterone levels by 15 percent while decreasing instances of hypogonadism up to 46%. Hypogonadism is relevant because the levels of testosterone are linked directly to this condition that leads to a lower sex drive & erectile dysfunction.


Cardio exercise builds and improves stamina. Weight lifting boosts testosterone production & tones the muscles that you need for doing sexual activity including your arms, abs & legs. It gives you additional strength. Yoga for improving sex drive is also good, it strengthens the cardiovascular system and makes you more flexible that is fun and adventurous in the bed. 

Another good news is you get rid of unwanted abdominal fat, losing it boosts the blood flow to your sexual organs, which ultimately gives you better satisfaction. A toned body makes you feel better regarding your appearance thus you get more confident sexually! 


For the Women

Research-based on studying the effects of exercise on sexual arousal in women showed that females get an exclusive sexual benefit from working out. Doing vigorous physical activity affects neurotransmitters, hormones & the autonomic nervous system. It raises & sustains the enzyme levels in women which promotes genital blood flow & arousal. Doing twenty minutes of exercise can boost sexual arousal in women up to 169%. However, in women, the arousal effect is short compared to men, so planning sometimes under the sheets after the workout session would be smart.

Is sex itself an exercise?

Sexual activity can feel like hard work, especially in complicated positions. Moving the body is beneficial for the health itself but it’s not a high-calorie burner. Studies show that on average, a healthy participant would burn up to 3.6 calories in a minute while being indulged in sexual activity. You might feel like you’ve run the marathon by the end, but know you only burned around 50 calories in 10-15 of sex.

Exercises you can do for increasing your stamina & sensation?

If you are working out already, you probably have found the moves in your workout regimen current routine that provide these sexy benefits. Adding the following exercises will help in increasing stamina & sensation. 

  • Kegel: It’s a pelvic floor workout that strengthens your nether region muscles, aids the bladder & bowel control, and improves your sexual functionality.
  • Bridge: It’s a stretching pose that strengthens the hamstrings, glutes & pelvic floor. Doing it will help you in thrusting harder & longer.
  • Squat: It’s primarily for having stronger legs which means you will get to enjoy yourself more in the bedroom. Squats target your quads, glutes, and hamstrings.
  • Lunge: This exercise targets your legs & promotes stability — it’s a good workout especially if you love to be creative under the sheets.
  • Pushup: Primarily builds the upper body strength, push-ups to help you in supporting your body weight with comfort while trying advanced positions. 
  • Frog jump: Frog jump is a type of plyometric exercise that makes the muscles exert their maximum effort for a short period. Doing this exercise helps in building explosiveness, power & strength which works perfectly well for your sex life.
  • Plank: Plank is a full-body workout that is excellent for building better strength & stability. Plank helps in supporting your body weight. While improving your balance, which helps in holding the unstable positions in a better manner.

The best news is both of the genders get benefited by performing exercises for improving their sex drive. Even though their body parts work differently


Other sex related benefits of doing exercises 

  • Reduces stress: Both short-term & chronic stress can affect your sex life badly. Exercise makes your body release feel-good hormones for battling stress & reducing depression. Which automatically makes you enjoy the intimate moments in a better manner.
  • Control the insulin levels: High concentration of insulin in your blood affects your sex hormones. Working out regularly keeps the insulin levels in check & your sex arousal in action.
  • Regulated blood pressure, cholesterol & lower risk of heart disease: Sex organs in the human body are like the rest of the organs. They need optimum blood flow for working properly, having a regular fitness routine, help males in managing erectile dysfunction & women getting aroused quickly.
  • Improves your cognitive function: Working out helps the brain to work in a better manner while sharpening your mind. It helps you focus more especially when you are sexually engaged & enhances creativity. 
  • Boost your overall stamina: Regardless of the fact which type of workout you practice, getting moving in the gym will improve cardiovascular health & increase your endurance which is highly beneficial when it comes to enjoying your improved sex drive for a longer period.


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