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5 Lawn Care Tips To Keep It Green And Beautiful

Owning a home with a garden makes you a lucky homeowner but there is a lot of effort that you need to invest to keep it lush green and healthy. And it deserves all the care and attention because this is an ideal outdoor space to spend your mornings and evenings. Lawn care is an all-year job and there are a few basics that you need to follow to keep it green and beautiful through all the seasons. From using a good drainage system to utilising a skip hire service. These are some of the basic requirements for maintaining a lush and green lawn. Let us list a few handy tips for you.

Feeding and watering

The most basic lawn care tip that every homeowner knows about is to feed and water it well. There are different varieties in fertilizers and grass feeds available in the market and you can opt for one that works according to the soil and weather. Lawn feeding is recommended twice a year though you may do it more often. Regularly watering your lawn is also essential to keep the grass green and thriving. The frequency and amount of watering too depend on soil quality and weather conditions.

Good drainage

Another key lawn care tip is to ensure good drainage, and take the necessary steps to fix your yards drainage , should you notice it has become an issue. This is because lawns with poor drainage tend to get waterlogged, which can have an adverse impact on its health. The soil quality is usually responsible for excessive water absorption while faulty landscaping can be another cause. You may consider changing the soil in your lawn. Alternatively, you may need to work on the lawn’s landscaping if the problem is due to faulty topography.


Besides ensuring that the lawn plants get enough to feed and water to flourish, you also need to keep an eye on weeds and prevent them from growing in your lawn. Weeds are harmful to the plants because they block the nutrients and air from reaching the roots. Be vigilant about weed growth and get rid of them as soon as they appear. You can pull them out by hand or try spraying an organic herbicide if they grow in a large quantity.

Pest control

Besides keeping a check on weed growth in your garden, you should also make sure that there are no pests that have made their home in the space. Many people forget that part of lawn care is keeping lawn pests away. Grasshoppers, white grubs, chinch bugs, and white ants are the common ones to look out for. You can use herbal insecticides to get rid of them or opt for professional treatment from someone like this service offering Mosquito and Tick Control, amongst other things, if the problem is serious.



Ensuring that the lawn soil well aerated is another tip to keep it in great condition. Aeration involves the creation of small holes in the lawn soil at certain depths and intervals with the objective of allowing penetration of water and air to the root zone. Additionally, it improves the drainage as well by preventing water logging or dryness.

Though you may try these measures on your own, enlisting professional lawn care services periodically is a good idea. They can detect any major issues and resolve them well in time. After all, you would want to keep the outdoors of your home looking lush green and beautiful all the time.

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