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Eco-friendly inspired Home dècor for Lovers of Nature!

Defenders of the earth realm, gather round for a quick guide on how to feature your love for nature in your homes and boost your green credentials.

Thinking of going green with your home decor? Well, why not, it’s pretty easy and quite affordable too! From recycled glass bottle holders to wooden floor mats, There are so many incredible pieces of furniture that have been made purely from recycled and chemical-free items and still do a great a job of beautifying your home, Making it look natural, simple and stylish. If you are a constant traveller There are alse so may eco-friendly travel products, let’s take a look.

Now if you’re a newbie in this department and you’re wondering what an eco-friendly decor means, according to nicheinteriors.com “Green or eco-friendly interior design focuses on improving indoor air quality as well as reducing the impact that furniture purchases have on the environment”.

Sounds great doesn’t it? Here are some ideas on how you can go green with your interior decoration, in your home, office and any space at all.

Eco-friendly inspired Home decor for lovers of nature! Eco-friendly

Eco-friendly accessories: shop for unique home accessories made from recycled materials, there are so many accent pieces you can pick up from artisans in your area. Some eco-friendly stores offer amazing items , from organic evergreen wreaths that can be hung on the door of your home, to linen beaded pendant lights! The list is endless. You could throw in a few sweet-scented candles to add a warm glow to your home. eco-friendly candles are made with beeswax instead of conventional chemicals.

eco-friendly paint: a new batch of fresh paint gives your room a refreshing appearance. Unfortunately, a large amount of the paints sold in the market, don’t really do the planet any good and neither is it good for you. Most paints used in the building or renovation of homes contain harmful properties, and dangerous chemicals which you shouldn’t have to breathe in and the environment doesn’t need. Opt for options that are eco-friendly and safer for the environment these kind of paints are said to have low VOC’s volatile organic compound. These environmentally friendly options are readily available and easily accessible.

eco-friendly flooring: replace your standard flooring with their environmentally friendly alternatives. Avoid the use of carpets when it comes to decorating your homes, research has shown that carpets are full of chemicals and harmful toxins and when you have them in your home, you stand the risk of having these toxins released into your home. As an environmental friendly person opt for the use of glass tiles, bamboo woods or concrete in the flooring of your space,  these are safer options.

eco-friendly house plants: getting environmental friendly accessories for your home is not as hard as it seems, in cooperating plants into your decor is one of the best ways for eco conscious people to display their love for nature in their homes. Add plants to your home, they help bring your room alive, purify the air and soak up harmful toxins and pollutants.

What other ideas do you suggest on how to create an eco-friendly inspired decor. Let’s hear your thoughts. Pin this post!

Eco-friendly inspired home dècor

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