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Happy women’s day! Celebrating 6 women who inspire us everyday!

Join us as we celebrate the international women’s day! Which takes place today, 8 March 2019! The theme for International Women’s Day 2019 is #balanceforbetter

Happy women’s day! Celebrating 6 women who inspire us everyday!

Happy women’s day to all the beautiful girls, ladies, mothers, Grandmother’s, heck! Happy women’s day to all the women in the world! Whether yellow, black or white, you’re all precious!

the world has set out this special day as one in which women all over the world would be remembered, recognized and celebrated.

In honor of women’s day we at christianaacha’ s blog are celebrating some women who have served as a great source of inspiration to us all. Women who have broken barriers, defied the odds and set the pace for the rest of us. The world we live in is not particularly a woman’s world however some women have been able to surmount the daunting obstacles that life has thrown their way and some how been able to Dodge the fierce fiery darts of hell…and we are letting out 10 hearty cheers to them!

The world we live in is not particularly a “woman’s world” so it’s always super inspiring to see and hear about women who have been able to Wade through the waters, broken barriers and set the pace for us all. Women all over the world deserve to be loved, appreciated and respected so we are celebrating every woman today.

We have chosen to specially celebrate these women who inspire us immensely. Here some women who remind us everyday that anything is possible if you put your heart to it.

Happy women’s day! Celebrating 6 women who inspire us everyday! Happy women's day

Our mothers: Happy women's dayyes please! Roll out the drums, sound the alarm for these amazing women. What can we really do without them. From infancy to adulthood, our mothers have nurtured, groomed and trained us to become amazing people. All the applaud in the world wouldn’t do, when it comes to appreciating our mothers for all the love and support. Let’s not even get started on their super powers, mothers are the best when it comes to multitasking, their managerial skills and jaw dropping 6th Sense won’t stop making us wonder. We all have different inspiring and heart warming stories of how our mothers went through the different hurdles of life to ensure that we are the people that we have become. The pain of childbirth, the strain it leaves on the body and the rigor of training a child are all things Worth celebrating. Take out time today to celebrate your mother, mothers inspire us, and we are glad to have them in our lives.

You: Yes you, dear woman, you are amazing and because you have chosen to stay strong even in the midst of all the adversities of life, you inspire us, and we celebrate you. Every woman deserves to be celebrated, every woman is beautiful, graceful and unique. Don’t be afraid to dream, don’t hesitate to smash your goals and reach your full potentials. We are celebrating you today because despite all the challenges that life tried to shove down your throat, just like it did to me here, you are still standing. Thank you for being brave!

Joyce Meyer: Happy women's daythe famous televangelist remains a major source of inspiration to different women from around the world. In the face of one of the worst experiences anyone could go through, she still came out to become a great preacher and motivation to us all today. Joyce Meyer had a terrible childhood, the powerful preacher was raped and constantly molested by her own father, a horror that is better imagined than experienced, amidst the pain and torture of growing up under such depraved circumstances this amazing woman still stood strong and never gave up! Today she has become an inspiration to thousands of women and is blessing lives on a daily basis. Joyce Meyer’s life serves as an inspiration and a constant reminder that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

Oprah WinfreyHappy women's day who doesn’t know the rich black American billionaire woman who rose from rags to riches? despite growing up under one of the most debilitating circumstances. Oprah Winfrey was born into one of the poorest homes in America, she had no clothes to wear and barely any shoes for her feet, Winfrey was sexually abused from the ages of 10 to 14 by a close relative, who would have thought she would amount to anything? Fast forward to this day and we are celebrating her for being an inspiration to us all because irrespective of all her devastating experiences, she never gave up, she didn’t stop and she never saw herself as worthless. Be inspired by her story and go ahead to pursue your passion and actualize your dreams no matter what life throws in your face. You can do this!

Julie Useni: few people know her story, but she’s a woman who deserves to be celebrated, because she has become the inspiration behind many successful women. Her greatest assets were her philanthropy and humility. She touched the lives of so many people, big and small, and in big and small ways. In every location she found herself with her husband, she worked tirelessly to empower the powerless and the needy within her environment.

The 6th woman we are celebrating today would be up to you , whoever it is that you believe deserves to be celebrated! Use the comment section to tell us about any woman who has impacted your life greatly and has been a major source of inspiration to you!

Happy women’s day! Don’t forget to drop us a comment!


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