The ultimate checklist! 5 Lists You must have in order to stay organized.

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Do you make lists? A long list of things to buy, maybe?

Lists are super useful! Whether it’s a shopping list or a playlist, They come in really handy when it comes to staying organized and getting things done appropriately. If you are like me and tend to easily black out on things that you need to do, then you might need to “up” your list game! Having lists helps you put things into perspective. My favorite thing about lists is that they require little or no effort to read and help you digest information easily.

Despite your super busy schedule, the hustle and bustle of every day Life, you can still stay sane and organized, you can rise above the noise all around you and stay focused, all you need is a working list. There are so many types of lists, from bucket lists to not-to-do lists. The “list” is endless.

remembering all the things that you need to do is pretty hard! and that’s why Making a list of what to do and what not to do is quite important.

Here are some lists you must have to help you stay motivated and organized! 

A to-do list!

This is a list that contains all the things you need to do in a day, during the week or before the end of the year! It’s pretty easy and will serve as a constant reminder of those things that need to be done! This list helps you stay on track and makes it easier for you to get your goals smashed!

Not To-do list!

looking to make some lifestyle changes, withdraw from a relationship or avoid certain kind of foods? Whatever it is, make a list of these things, it would help you stay on track. This is called a “not To-do list” sometimes we lose track of the things we are not supposed to be involved in or associated with, have a list that reminds you of those things that you want to stop doing. Constantly seeing this, makes it easier for you to stick with it.

Achievement list!

You’ve come a long way!! Celebrate how far you have come. Oftentimes we tend to forget about all the little achievements that we have made along the way! Learn to write down your wins no matter how small they are, it’s a great way to start.

Motivational list!

Yes! This list helps you stay motivated. Make a list of all the things that motivate you, things that inspire you. It could be a list of all of the people who inspire you to be happy and successful! It could be a compilation of quotes that remind you that you can achieve whatever you set your heart and soul into. Whatever works best, just ensure you have a working list that helps you stay motivated.

Gratitude list!

Develop an attitude that promotes gratitude! Be grateful for all that you have now! Things always get better when we stay positive. Gratitude comes from a place of satisfaction, not because you have everything you need but from a realization that you are making progress and progress is good!  things could have been worse than they are now, you may not be where you ought to be, but  you are also not where you used to be, and that is good! whatever you May be going through now remember that it could have been worse, way worse! So be grateful that things are under control and it would get better if you stay positive.

Bucket list!

Are there places you would like to go, meals you have been craving to try out or fancy things you would like to buy? A bucket list works well. It helps you remember these things,  it also comes in really handy when planning your goals. As you get them done, you can thick them off your list.

Important list!

This is where you write out all the super important things you never want to forget! Could be a plan, an idea or an event. Whatever it is that really matters to you store it right there, this way you will never forget it.

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