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5 Things I wish I knew in my 20s

Experience they say is a hard teacher, because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.


There are a lot of people who if given the chance would go back in time and change a lot of things. Unfortunately, you can’t turn back the hands of time. There are so many things I know now that if I had known about 10 years ago, I would have acted differently on, and also have different results.


I cannot count the number of things I wish I had known in my 20s, maybe I did know them but I didn’t just plain priority on putting them to practice. Do you feel this way too? I’m sure you do. The good news however, is that we can share our lessons and experiences for others to learn from. So, let’s dive right in.


 5 things that I wish I knew in my 20s


1. Make Strategic Relationships

Interestingly, in my 20s I had not the slightest clue how important strategic relationships are, I paid little or no attention to the kind of friends I made and the type of relationships I conceded to. As a matter of fact, most of the friends I had were the ones who initiated and fostered the relationships. Fast-forward to 2022, I have come to realize that one of the easiest ways to grow, excel, and succeed in life, is through valuable relationships and connections. You must be very deliberate about the company you keep, and the communities you belong to. Like they say, your network is your net worth.


2 Develop the Right Habits

I have come to understand the power of habits. Your habits determine the quality of your life. It takes discipline to maintain the right habits but once you get it right in that direction, you set yourself up for unlimited growth and success. Everything affects everything, and like Jim Rohn said ‘if you don’t take the walk around the block, you won’t eat an apple a day’. Start early to work on yourself, start early to develop the right habits. Wake up early, spend wisely, delay gratification and invest in yourself, these are some of the habits I wish I had started practicing in my twenties.


3. Put God First

I have always been a Christian girl right from childhood and I am super grateful for this. However, when I look back at my twenties, I still wish I had taken my relationship and fellowship with God more seriously, knowing full well that the holy spirit is my advantage, and walking closely Him gives me the advantage. Now, I have learned, and I’m still learning to put God first, because H e comes first.



4. Delay gratification

Never put the cart before the horse. There is time for everything, and one must be sensitive to the various seasons of his/ her life. Every passing day, There is always a temptation to enjoy life to the fullest, hangout, spend everything you earn, chill and relax but this a disaster waiting to happen. It is always better to spend your youthful days building, working hard, improving and investing in yourself. Before long, you will see the rewards.



5. Consistency is king

Content is king, but permit me to put a little twist to it. If you are ever going to achieve any remarkable growth, and progress then you must learn to stay consistent. As a matter of fact, it is better not to start, than to have sporadic appearances. it takes a ton of discipline to continue to show up against all odds, however consistency is a proven effective growth strategy. Overtime, as you continue to put yourself, and your work in peoples faces, they would start to recognize and acknowledge you as an authority in your field.




So, there you have it, these are some of the things I wish I knew in my 20s. This list in no way exhaustive, however, I would like to stop here for now. What are your thoughts? Would you like to share things you wish you knew in your 20s. Share in the comment box, I’d love to read from you.



































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