Finding the Right Van Insurance to Help With Our Finances

When it comes to saving money, van insurance is a great way to cut costs. By comparing rates and choosing the right policy, business owners can save hundreds of pounds in a single year. In this article, we’ll explore some tips for finding the best van insurance policy for your business. This could be with the help of one sure insurance, a company well worth checking out.

Here are some tips to help you obtain cheaper van insurance.



Consider Carefully Your Van Type

Firstly, consider what type of van you or your business will be using.

For instance:

  • Is it a particularly expensive make or model?
  • Do you need such a large van in terms of capacity and therefore engine size?
  • Is the van longer than you require?

For instance, a long van may only be required by businesses that transport long objects, whether they be materials, products, or tools. This might, for example, be a roofer transporting long lengths of wood, someone who lays carpets, or a courier who handles the bigger parcel. Where unpredictable we have no choice. However, sometimes, we might be able to save the expense of investing in too large a van. This will save the extra initial cost of buying, the greater expense of it using more fuel, and the additional insurance premium required.



Insure as a Fleet

It is normally cheaper to insure vans as a fleet rather than individually. Insurers will give you a better deal for giving them more of your business in respect of the vans you want insuring.

It is more convenient from a business perspective too when you have all your policies together. It will mean one renewal date to remember and work towards when budgeting. Admin costs are cheaper for insurance companies too under this kind of arrangement.

The downside of insuring all your vehicles with the same renewal date is that you have to find the premium at the same time unless you elect to pay the premium in instalments, which may cost more.




Take All the Discounts You Can Get

It is well worth a business exploring the many insurance discounts to which they might be entitled. These can be linked to how secure the premises are overnight and how young the drivers matched to vehicles are. For a discount, security devices should be insurance-approved on vehicles, as with premises. A locked compound or undercover will be preferable to store business vehicles such as vans overnight.

Nothing should be made to look attractive or too easy to thieves, and insurance companies recognise this in assessing risk.



Ways to Reduce Your Number of Claims

It is worth a policyholder seeing how they can reduce their number of claims because they do put premiums up. For instance, where you own a van, putting a simple message in the back window to say that “no tools are kept in this vehicle overnight” might deter thieves from causing damage to an otherwise empty vehicle needlessly. Little tricks like this can make all the difference and help everyone save money.

Some vehicles will come with flashing red lights to make it look like alarms are fitted and working. This is good but even better when you have an insurance-approved device, as that will not only deter thieves but lower your insurance premium too. This double benefit makes financial sense to a business. Where models are not fitted with the right alarms as standard, there is nothing to stop businesses from going to the cost-effective expense of fitting a better anti-theft device.


There is no doubt that we should spend more time as a business seeking out competitive quotes for van insurance because this can significantly reduce our operating costs.

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