Five reasons why Steam is great for you 

Just as societies keep advancing, better ways of living are introduced to promote a healthier lifestyle. These healthy techniques analyze some traditional ways of doing things that we have grown comfortable with, and point out major flaws in them that expose us to health hazards.

These traditional methods cut across how we bath, cook and take care of our skin and body. 

The introduction of Steam Showers and the massive acceptance that it has gained by the public in a short space of time is because of its proven benefits over traditional methods.

This guide is carefully curated to offer you five reasons why steam is great for you.


What are the advantages of steaming?

Installing a steam shower in your home goes beyond the luxury that it provides but the health benefits attached to making use of one.

Skin Care

Steaming helps hydrate the skin, opens sweat pores, and makes it easier to reach for embedded dirt, and achieve a deeper skin cleansing.


An open sweat pore has healthy advantages over acne and blackheads. 


Steam offers a moisturizing effect for your face by promoting oil production, increasing permeability, making it easier for your skin to absorb skincare products for faster effects. Steaming makes it easier for your face to stay fresh every day.


Steam also helps removes toxins from our skin. Steam showers are good at making our bodies sweat. Sweating offers our body the opportunity to do away with waste products.


Promotes blood circulation

Steaming is a great cardiovascular activity. It helps promote healthy blood flow and circulation. Your capillaries dilate when they come in contact with the heat from steams, this makes it easier for blood to flow throughout the body. 


This also promotes a reduction in your blood pressure and repairs of broken tissues.


Muscle Relaxation

After taking up a hectic day’s task, steaming goes a long way to relax your nerve endings and muscles. Steam provides a soothing effect on your joints, eliminating and minimizing pains.


Weight Loss

Steaming promotes weight loss but this should not be seen as a substitute for exercise and a balanced diet.


Intense heat from steams achieves water weight loss. Sweating out helps you get rid of unhealthy elements in your body, and reduces your water weight. 


This could also prove to be an effective way of burning calories.

Promotes lungs cleansing and promotes a healthy breathing pattern

Steam therapies or steam showers loosen your mucous membranes and ensure a free airway. 

Steaming releases moist into the atmosphere making it convenient for you to breathe in water vapor. 

This goes straight to opening your sinuses, thinning your mucus membrane, and promote a healthy breathing pattern.


Are steam showers worth the money?

Steam showers can be used as regular showers and this gives you a longer span of healthiness. Frequent use of steam showers helps reduce your stress levels and also boosts your mental health for high performance and productivity.

Installing a steam shower in your home increases the value of your home and your lifestyle.



Wellness is the primary goal of humanity. Steam showers pose a higher advantage over saunas as steam showers are made of moist heat from boiling water, unlike Saunas that provide dry heat that is generated from an electric stove.


Steam showers have a temperature of around 105˚F – 115˚F while maintaining a 100% humid level. This could serve as a great spot for your relaxation even with your friends and also as a cool therapy for enhancing your rest pattern

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