Budget-friendly DIY home office ideas!

We all agree that the laptop lifestyle is the dream, never has there been an easier way to earn money and influence people positively.

However, if you don’t have any time management and organizational skills, you would literally be walking backwards in your business and you would never be able to get any work done. This is because it is super difficult to get into “work mode” while in your pjs and while you are at home. As far as I know, this has been my biggest challenge with working from home; the distractions never end.

I have always dreamed of having a workspace in the comfort of my home, a space that would easily give me the work feel and help me transition from “house mode” to “work mode” After a long wait, I finally got my own little spot in my house which I so graciously styled and designed to suit my taste.

Whether you work full-time or part time, having a dedicated space where you can sit and concentrate and put all of your work tools, is super important. You may not live in a large house with a lot of rooms, but you can carve out a nook or corner in your room or kitchen area that you can transform into a home office.

Bearing in mind that a lot of us might be working with a limited budget, I decided to put together some ideas for people who are looking for inspiration on how to create a simple and budget friendly DIY home office.

Budget-friendly DIY home office tips and ideas

LightingBudget-friendly diy home office

The first thing you need to consider before even choosing a section of your house where you can carve out some space from, is “how well lit is that area of your house” natural light is super important for work, no matter how much artificial light you have, you could still use some help from nature.



this could very well be the most important part of your home office design because it would serve as your background in photos and videos. If you would like to achieve a monochrome look, you could paint your wall white or use a blackboard paint.


A blackboard paint: affords you the luxury of jotting down your ideas and writing out your to-do lists on the wall. This will help you remember what you need to do and also serve as a design to beautify the wall.


Wall decor

There are tons of amazing wall decor out there that you can use to beautify your home workspace despite working with a limited budget. From antique pieces and hanging shelves to vision boards.



vision boards: are one of my favorites they are great and can serve as a great reminder of your goals and dreams.  It’s literally having your dreams right before, so in addition to giving your home office a face-lift, it also serves as a source of inspiration to help smash your goals. In addition to Vision boarding, I also use these free svg images to decorate my wall, I love them because they provide me with a variety of options, from quotes to wall arts. I usually frame these designs and hang them on my wall.



Then there are clipboards, clipboards are cheap and can be gotten at bookstores or stationary stores they can be placed on the wall easily to display your photos or memos. Artwork, and motivational picture frames are all great ideas for bringing life to your wall. During the holidays I usually switch up my designs, for example at Christmas I used these merry christmas clipart to beautify my workspace and also bring some Christmas feel to my workspace as well.



An artificial vine wall, is another inexpensive and unique wall decor that you can get online for less than $20. They are extremely beautiful and easy to place on the wall.



The floor

Most people often neglect the floor when designing a home workspace,
It always feels like it can be done without, however a simple rug can give the floor of your office, a cozy feel and a warm homely outlook.



Rug: a small colorful Venetian rug can make a lot of difference in the look of your space. Most of these rugs are pretty affordable and can be gotten in thrift stores.



Desk and chair

What’s a workspace without a desk and a chair? You can get these for less than $20 online I got my table tailor made, that is also a great option because it affords you the opportunity to design it exactly to your taste. I did see great options online there are so many fold-able and portable laptop tables and desks that could serve as a great work table.



Think plants. Plants are an easy way to spice up your desk it could be natural or artificial, plants make you feel in touch with nature every day.


shelves: a table with shelves is virtually a must, working requires a lot of tools and the more you grow, the more the clutter pile up, this can affect your productivity, so in order to avoid chaos ensure that your desk comes with cupboards or shelves.



A personalized mug: this performs two function in one, it personalizes and accessorize at the same time, so instead of using a generic cup, hold your caffeine in something that conveys a message about you.

Colorful pen holder: Even if the rest of your desk is simple and drab, a colorful pen holder and a mini can of sweets could add a pop of color to your design and give you something to snack on while you work.


Planner: I absolutely think planners are inevitable for workspace, good thing they could also add a touch of color to your desk.


Lamp stand: for additional light or just the ability to work at night, a lamp stand is a great choice.


DIYBudget-friendly diy home office ideas

At the end of the day your objective is to create a beautiful workspace on budget, so instead of hiring some professional, try as much as you can to do everything yourself. If you run out of ideas, look around the web for inspiration. Pinterest is a great place to start.Budget-friendly diy home office tips

Hy I'm iffy!! A chronic worshiper with a DIY spirit! After a near death experience I started my journey to living a more purposeful life.


  • Shakerra

    I’m moving in December and I can’t wait until to see what work space I come up with. It’s definitely important for my new space to look cute on a budget. I’ve never thought about buying a mat from the thrit store before, but that’s such a go idea. But they are also a really cheap buy.

    • Christiana Acha

      Thanks shakerra and all the best of luck with finding a great place. I also can’t wait to see what your workspace would look like, I’m sure it would be lovely.

  • Terri

    These are all great tips! I am in love with wall art and motivational quotes so I make sure my workspace is surrounded by it.

    And I’ve recently just gotten into plants (even though my not-so-green thumb turns everything brown lol) It’s a work in progress

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