Top ways to improve your WordPress site design

One of my major goals as a Blogger and as an entrepreneur is to help build and support businesses especially startups. This is why I love to create content around topics that help newbie Bloggers and brands upscale and expand their businesses. Today, I would love to share some major tips on how to improve your WordPress website design.

Having a website for your business is absolutely essential, it not only gives your business credibility, it gives you a competitive edge,and makes it easy for your potential clients to find you.

In addition to having your own website, whether as a content creator or a business owner, it is super important that the design of your website is appealing and welcoming. Some websites have very busy looking and distracting designs, this simple error can have a negative impact on user experience.

There are a few simple and cost-effective ways through which you can improve the design of your website.

Let’s talk about a few of them.

Use good fonts: did you know that the type of fonts you use on your website determines to a large extent if people would be interested in reading what you have to say? Fonts are like shoes; they are one of the first things your visitors notice when they land on your website. This is why you know a certain brand simply by its font – for example, hot wheels cars now have a font we recognize to be used by that brand, that we can adapt to look exactly how we want it to (via websites like Action Fonts) while keeping that key style of Hot Wheels. So it’s important that you use a wordpress font plugin to help you out with that.

There are tons of fonts available, so it can be tricky knowing the right font to use sometimes, a font can be too fanciful and cursive, too tiny or too large making your text unappealing and difficult to read. Thankfully, you can change your fonts simply by adding a Fontsy WordPress Plugin to your website.

Fontsy is the all in one web font for WordPress, allowing you to import your own web fonts, or choose from the free web font library. I downloaded the plugin, it’s amazing and easy to use, and there are a lot of options to choose from.

Use a good theme: Another important factor that affects a websites’ design and makes it look either professional or wacky, is the theme. WordPress SEO experts always emphasize on the need for a responsive theme and design in order to achieve the best result. 

Using the right theme that is beautiful, responsive and user-friendly not only impresses your visitors, it also sets you apart from the competition.
This is why you need to ensure that the theme you use fits in with your brand and appeals to your visitors. A good theme can be bought, customized or downloaded for Free on the internet.The impression you give visitors when they visit your website matters a lot and a great looking theme is a determining factor.


Brand colors: The colors of a brand is another very important factor that affects the design of the website. colour and aesthetics play a major role when it comes to web design, It is a very powerful tool because it has a lot of influence on the perception and the emotions of your visitors. It helps with identification of a brand, it helps your business stand out, and Most importantly it improves the design and outlook of your WordPress website. Sticking with these colors and ensuring that they reflect in your logo and your website helps to create brand identity and sets you apart from other people doing the same thing as you.



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