You Can feel Stress-Free With Thrive

have you ever had any experience with anxiety? Stress, depression or an mental health issue?
or perhaps you know someone who is an excessive worrier, has major mood swings and suffers from social anxiety like my friend in this post here, if any of this is the case then you might want to grab a cup of coffee because this might interest you!

Stress is no stranger to us all and the demands and pressures of the society we live in makes us experience stress on a daily basis, an argument at the workplace, Long lines at the grocery store, rush hour traffic, pressure from friends and even family can all trigger major stress and anxiety, worse part is, when worries, stress and anxiety become excessive, real mental health problems will set in.

I  recently got the opportunity to review an app called Thrive: Feel Stress Free , this app helps to detect early symptoms of stress and anxiety and also provides treatment for them .All of the treatments and techniques that are used in Thrive are evidence-based, clinically proven and used in real life therapy to help manage common mental health conditions.

After trying it out for a while I found out that it really is helpful when it comes to handling stress and anxiety! and most importantly equips you with some helpful information on things to do when you notice that stress has begun to set in.

Now the first thing I love about this app is that its available on iOS and Android so it’s accessible to everyone and anyone, you can download it to your phone or to the desktop.

Second is it’s very user-friendly and easy to navigate,I particularly loved the super helpful and incredibly cute robot that guided me through most of the sessions and motions so it was easy to follow along.
..and then the background music is super relaxing in itself I just couldn’t get enough of the soothing relief it provided, now unto the more serious stuff!

The setting of the app is an island which is divided into 5 sections on the first section after a quick questionnaire about how you feel and a little explanation on what causes some of the symptoms you might be experiencing you would be guided through sessions some of which include

Calm Breathing –

Meditation –
Deep Muscle Relaxation –

Applied Relaxation –

Daily goals –

Zen Profile and Points

None of this is compulsory, you have the option to choose whatever applies to you and simply follow the instructions.

On one of the sections you have the option of working on your general wellbeing, some of the options available in that section are

Progress –

Mood Meter –
Guides –

Message in a bottle –

On the self-suggestion  section you have a Zen Garden and some interesting games that are great for the mind. Overall I found the app to be super helpful and great for feeling stress-free. you can download the app here.

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