I left my key inside my car

I Left My Key Inside My Car! Untold Ways To Get It Back!


I was at the bank some days ago with a friend of mine. while he went inside to pick his ATM card, I waited inside the car in the parking lot, a little beaten by the sun and just somewhat weary from all the time it was taking.

While waiting, I tried to busy myself with something.. obviously, “my phone”

A car drove by and parked by the right side of the parking lot, just next to our car, i didn’t Care much for what it’s worth, I barely glanced at the occupants. After a few minutes I decided to check to ensure that the people who had parked beside us were humans and not aliens from outer space, so i peeked and noticed that there was a man inside the car who was staring back at me, grinning like a bob cat, he had obvioisly been itching for my attention.

I looked over and immediately turned away, I had no ounce of patience for any creep, whatever I did, I ensured that our eyes never met.

In the midst of my disgust and while I was still waiting, another car drove in and parked by the left, it was a white Jeep. After a few minutes I noticed that the driver of the white Jeep ( because I never know the name of cars) was panicking he kept going back and forth around his car, hitting the window of the car, trying to open the trunk of the car, all the while grumbling and cursing under his breath. I became curious and decided to pay attention to what was happening, immediately It hit me! It was like a telepathic message, I literally heard him screaming to me in despair!

“I left my key in my car”

he had somehow locked his car keys inside the car and there was no way he could reach it. The car was locked and his car keys were locked in, he was looking around helplessly, obviously confused and disheveled!

I wish I knew then what I know now!
I would have reached out to help him. I just sat there helpless too, I said a few words of prayers in my heart for him and wished silently that he finally finds a way, meanwhile my friend came back and we drove out!

Have you ever been in this situation?
Have you ever left your keys inside your car?

Very often you hear people say I left my key inside my car, I was totally confused, I didn’t know what to do, and how to get my keys back.
Here is a little guide to help you out of that kind of situation.


first thing first!! If you ever find yourself in this situation, don’t panic! Cause if you do, you won’t be able to think properly and make right decisions.

Secondly, don’t go too far from your car! Hoodlums and petty thieves always take advantage of bad situations to perpetuate crimes, I bet you they would be more than happy to steal whatever they can any chance they get.

Finally, Don’t resort to breaking the glass, that’s not the kind of solution we will learn here, you don’t need to break your glass to get your keys back, so let’s find better ways to handle this situation.

I am a very precautious person, so I always advice that you calm down and try to remember, why your key is inside the car and what led to it being there.

This doesn’t just help you figure out the best way to get the key back, but also a way for you to avoid the same mistake next time.

Guess you are wondering how I got to know so much about what to do when you leave your car keys inside your car?

Well, After that day, I tried to equip myself with the relevant knowledge, a few tips here and there about what to do when you leave your car keys inside your car!

since then anytime i hear someone say, “I left my keys in my car” I simply smile and say! Here’s what you can do to get it out!

“I left my keys in my car”. Don’t panic do this!

1.use a Spare Key to access your car

I know this may have come to mind, but maybe it didn’t, either ways this is the first thing.

Maybe you didn’t carry a spare key along, because you didn’t Hope for such! Heck! Who ever hopes for such a miserable thing!

If you can’t get home and your house keys are with you, call some one you trust to stand by the car for you then take a cab to your house get the spare key and open your car.

But the next question is, “what If I didn’t have a spare key”?

What do I do?

This takes me to the next part of this post.

How do i get my keys back if I don’t have a spare key?

2. Check if your car has any openings

This takes me back to the importance of you relaxing and Thinking, you have to check if there are any openings in the car like maybe a back door window is opened, or the trunk of the car is opened as some cars have trunks that can help you gain access to the main compartment of the car.

Try going through each POSSIBLE entry point, if you see one like an opened window, you can use a long pole or stick to pick the keys.

3. Try to make use of some DIY Tips to open your car and get your key

There are lots of tips and tricks surfacing and floating around every day online, on how to do some certain things and definitely how to get your car keys back Is on the list!

These tips are so easy to implement

You can get the materials even from a hardware shop a few meters away from you..

Here are some DIY ways you can open your car

I’ll just list some ways here:

1. Using a Coat Hanger: The coat hanger method is one method most people are pretty familiar with.
You’ll need a wire hanger so you can untwist it and make a hook that goes inside, From here, you have to jiggle it around until you find the locking mechanism. It may take some time, but it’s worth the trouble when you’re desperate. If you have your phone handy, you can try googling your car’s door locking mechanism to figure out where to aim the hanger.

This method works with horizontal locks as well, since you’re working on the locking mechanism inside the door, not aiming to pull up or push down the button inside the car.

Using a Slim Jim ( Use at your own risk)

3. A string or small diameter rope: Use Your Shoestring: this trick works mainly with cars that having a locking mechanism that can be unlocked by pulling up! Luckily a shoe string is something most people would have at any given moment.

tie a small loop in the middle of the shoelace that, when placed around the locking mechanism, can be tightened. Work the string into the interior of the car through space where the door meets the car’s exterior, hook it around the lock, tighten the loop, and pull the string up. It may take more than once if you are not a pro but it should work.

With these tricks you can open your car and get your car keys.

3. Get help from a professional:

We ain’t super heroes and sometimes we can’t just figure it out, so it’s best to meet a professional in this case. Call them, you can search for: Locksmith around me and give them a call they will come in no time and help you out, but not without a fee.

So make sure you have enough money with you there before you call, don’t be afraid or feel ashamed of calling for help, it’s helpful most Cases and prevents you from damaging your car if you don’t have the expertise especially when you aren’t used to DIY tips.

So save your self the stress and get a professional locksmith company to help you.

So far we have discussed about how to get your keys from your car, I hope this helps you and you no longer will you have to say I left my keys in my car

Hy I'm iffy!! A chronic worshiper with a DIY spirit! After a near death experience I started my journey to living a more purposeful life.

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