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Decorating with Fruits: The Best Ideas for indoor and outdoor decor

If we have learned anything from the decor world, it is that everything is possible, that imagination has no limits. It is true that decorating with fruits have been elaborated for a long time. The ways to include them are multiple, from giving total prominence to a particular food or mixing it with imposing or small bouquets. Surely among all these ideas you must find the one that best suits you.

Fruits can be your greatest Allies 

If you have decided that at your tables you will want high centers, which give an almost wild feeling, fruits can be your greatest allies. Use glass containers, and fill them with one or several types of fruit, cut or whole. To give it more prominence, you can click the apples (in this case) as if it were the main base of the center.

For a more rustic touch, use a wooden wheelbarrow or some vintage object like an old weight. In this case, we have used vegetables as well as tomatoes, and the result is fascinating. If your wedding is outdoors, do not hesitate.

Blending Fruits with Flowers

If you do not want to do without flowers because you are passionate about them, you do not also have to discard the idea of ​​decorating with fruits. You can include them both inside and outside the branches and use the ones you like the most. Depending on the colors selected for the flowers, you will also have to decide the fruit. And the most important thing will be to maintain the harmony between the colors so that it complements and is not weird.

 Diversity is Beauty 

A beautiful, original and simple idea? For each table select a different fruit, write the names of your guests with these fruits and use the name to make the seating plan. Although citrus fruits are the most colorful, there are other beautiful and elegant fruits. Play with a diversity of colors so that they look very different and that is really amazing.

Apples, oranges, limes and lemons are usually the most used since they are more resistant, economical, and showy. Surely, you have also seen, according to the season, cherries, pomegranates and grapes. Other less common are kiwi and peach because there is a high number of  people allergic to them. However, if it is not used in an exaggerated way there will be no problem.

Decorating the table with fruits is a suggestive invitation to sit around it and enjoy some of the healthiest foods available to us humans. Take a look at a gallery of images with the freshest and most creative ideas, and you can draw inspiration or copy to present these foods in a beautiful way. Despite appearances, the fruit lends itself to the creation of succulent decorations to fill the table with life.

With seasonal fruits and colors, you can give an exotic touch. Try emptying a melon or pineapple and filling it with various, other fruits cut into cubes to place it as a centerpiece. In addition, for example, with an apple you can create a small magic candle. It only takes a bit of skill to make our ideas the funniest and most appetizing. Surely, these little ones do not say no to these fruits.

Initials of the individuals on the fruit

On the piece of fruit – an apple, a pear, a slice of watermelon – you can write the initials or the name of each individual. You can do so  with the tip of a knife. With apples, for example, you can make unique flowers or butterflies, details carved in fruits that can be ideal to decorate recipes for sweets.

Centerpiece with exotic fruits 

Using exotic fruits is a great idea for decorating with fruits during the hot months. What better way to eat fruits than as a centerpiece. Great exotic fruits like pineapple, papaya, passion fruit, mango are all great options. The colors are tempting and whet the appetite. Place the fruits in a creative way so that each one of them stands out.

You can take an apple and with the help of a knife and a spoon, eliminate the pulp inside. You make small holes in random order from the outside, to let out the light of the candle that you place inside. In this case, logically, the fruit is only to decorate, not to eat, so you can take advantage when you do jam, to eat the pulp.

Faces with oranges and citrus

Are you looking to make decorations with the right fruit for children? This is probably the most interesting part of decorating with fruits, you can take an orange, without removing the peel, you can make some funny faces by with the help of a knife or a cutter, the eyes, nose and mouth, or you can also use a lemon or an apple. If you want to add a humorous touch to the face, you can draw teeth. Just trace the profile of the lips and then draw the teeth with the help of a small sharp knife.

Please feel free to let us know what think in the comment section, also let us in other great ideas for decorating with fruits.

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