How to stay safe whilst dating during the pandemic

This year came loaded with a lot of unpleasant surprises, from fire outbreaks to a major lockdown! No one saw any of this coming.


The pandemic remains unarguably the worst of them all, it affected everyone, and changed every aspect of our lives, nothing was left out. 


The good news is, we as humans have the power to adjust quickly to whatever changes we are faced with.


when it comes to relationships and dating how do you stay safe whilst dating during the pandemic.


Be  Kind 

When we talk about kindness the first thing that springs to most people’s minds is “money”. Well, kindness in this sense is not really about giving money or gifts, it’s more about care, genuine and undefiled care for the person with whom you have decided to Share your life. Being able to enjoy their happy moments and also share their pain, no matter how trivial it seems, makes for a better relationship. These are sensitive times and one of the best ways to sustain our relationships this period is to be kind to one another. Be as supportive and as understanding as possible. 


Communicate virtually

Good communication is one of the biggest secrets to having and sustaining a successful relationship, but how do you communicate effectively if you and your partner live miles apart and can’t get to see each other as often anymore? The answer is simple, have frequent remote meetings. A lot of people have refused to embrace the virtual world, but if there’s one lesson we have learned from this pandemic, it’s that the virtual world is the way forward.

we can sit in the comfort of our homes and achieve a lot, whether it’s work-related or not.

If your relationship is new or has been existing for a while, one good way to stay safe whilst dating is to communicate virtually, this would help keep both of you stay safe. This especially easy if you are using a Derbyshire dating platform, they make remote meetings effortless and fun.


 Respect each other’s space 

The pandemic has led to a rise in the use and application of so many safety measures, one of which is; social distancing. This is especially important if you’re just meeting your partner for the first time. Try to maintain a safe space. This is also another important factor that researchers have found necessary for the attainment of a healthy happy relationship /marriage. Allow your partner to breathe, don’t be a needy slash over-dependent partner.


Know what you want 

It’s easier to stay safe when you know exactly what you are looking for in a partner.  Having your plans and intentions well laid out goes a long way in reducing the confusion and stress associated with dating. Before the pandemic, most people just got into relationships based on the need for companionship but the events of the past few months has taught us to focus on the things that matter. This doesn’t mean you have to be picky or selective before choosing a partner, it just means knowing what is important to you and then checking to see if the other person fits the bill.

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