5 ways to Drop Engagement Ring Hints

Is your partner acting a little mysterious lately, especially when it comes to the budget? Maybe one of the precious rings in your collection has mysteriously disappeared only to reappear a day or two later? Chances are, he’s getting ready to propose. And, it’s probably a good idea if you start to drop clues and hints now about the kind of ring you have always dreamed about.

You might have already picked out your dream diamond ring years ago, but your significant other may not be on the same page – yet. In fact, guys appreciate the help when it’s time to shop for engagement rings. After all, he wants you to have something you’re going to love and wear every day.

You don’t need to be completely obvious that you’re ready for him to pop that special question, but you can start bringing up rings in your conversations. If he’s about to start looking for engagement rings  sale or similar offers around, he will definitely pick up on what you do and don’t like.
So, ready to hint for the ring of your dreams? Here are five easy tips that are sure to get your point across.Engagement rings

  1. The Social Hint – Do you have an Instagram account or even better, a board on Pinterest? It’s a great way to subtly give him ideas with all the photos of your dream ring on there. All you have to do is to “accidentally” leave the page open on your browser.
  2. Commenting on Celebrities – With so many celebrities getting engaged – and also posting their engagement rings on their Instagram pages – it’s a great way to show him a picture of the rings you love, all under the guise of you keeping up with the ins and outs of pop culture.
  3. Friendly feedback– Whenever one of your friends gets engagement, have a conversation with your partner about the things you do and don’t like about their engagement rings. For instance, you could say something like, “Wow, her partner did a great job picking out her ring! I just adore that setting.” Or, on the other hand, you could offer a few suggestions, like “Her round solitaire suits her to a tee, but I’m not that mad about it myself, I prefer vintage styles.”
  4. Window Shopping Opportunities
    The next time you are wondering around the shops with your significant other, pause in front of a jewellery store and just take a little look at the displays. Point out the rings you like and then move on. If he’s planning to propose, he is sure to take mental notes.
  5. Enlist friends
    If you and your other half have already been discussing getting engaged, why not enlist the help of one of your closest friends? Tell your friend what you like so he or she can guide your guy in the right direction. Most men want your proposal to be a surprise, even if you have already discussed the engagement. But, you can let him do the shopping himself, but he is bound to feel more confident with his ring choice if he knows for sure that he’s on the right track.


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